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Jess Jourdan To All Instructors

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Hi! I’m Jess Jourdan, most kids call me Ms. Jess or Mrs. J. I have been teaching for 8 years. I first started teaching art in 2015 and then turned my focus to leading homeschool education in 2020. I was born in North Carolina while my mother was stationed at Fort Bragg and soon after we moved to Alaska. Here I graduated as a homeschooler with IDEA. I loved growing up here, there’s so much beauty to inspire my artist’s heart. I met my husband 12 years ago while we lived in Juneau and we have 7 children, ages 3-19, and 3 dogs. In the summer we foster puppies while finding them furever homes. I love coffee, reading, listening to music, and watching my boys play hockey.

Current Classes
ArtVenture Zone 1st-2nd (3rd) – (open)
ArtVenture Zone 3rd-4th (5th) – (open)
ArtVenture Zone 5th-6th – (open)
Marine Life Studies 1st-2nd – (open)
Marine Life Studies 3rd-4th (5th) – (open)
Marine Life Studies 5th-6th – (open)
Road to Revolution – (open)
StoryTime Art – (open)
World Geography – (open)
Writing 4th-5th (6th) – (open)