Eagle River Homeschool

Meghan Card To All Instructors

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My name is Meghan Card, and I am excited to be teaching homeschool classes under my vendor name: For the Love of Learning. I was born and raised in Eagle River and live here with my husband and two young sons, along with our two dogs. As an Alaska state certified teacher with 15 years of teaching experience, two state certifications, and six Highly Qualified designations, I enjoy teaching a variety of subjects and levels. I am a homeschool graduate myself, from K through 12th grade, and taught two years of private school, one year of substitute teaching, and then taught 11 years in public school with the last 10 being in Anchorage School District. I am also a 2017 BP Teacher of Excellence finalist.
My experiences left me wanting to pursue more flexible, student-centered teaching opportunities without the hindrances of canned curriculum and artificial pacing. I believe in challenging students to think critically about their learning, providing plenty of hands-on and experiential learning, interweaving cross-curricular connections, and engaging students in real
life. I have taught secondary sciences and theater for ER Homeschoolers for the past two years and am happy to be back for my third year! If you have any questions about course offerings for 2024-25, please email me. I look forward to meeting students and starting classes in August!

Current Classes
Biology – (open)
Chemistry – (open)
Integrated Middle School Science – (open)
Theater – (open)