Eagle River Homeschool

Christina Sikkenga To All Instructors

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I grew up in Ecuador and was homeschooled from 1st-12th grade. I am a certified teacher with a master’s degree in literacy. I taught three years of fifth grade math and science in a Spanish immersion school in Kentucky, a year of fifth grade in Washington, and a year of ESL in Anchorage public schools. I also taught Spanish at UAA for a couple of semesters. I spent the last 9 years leading the children’s ministry in our church and homeschooling our own children. While I enjoy teaching a wide range of subjects and ages, I am especially passionate about relating what students learn in the classroom to real life. We have been in Alaska for 10 years. Every year, I look forward to dipnetting, camping, hunting for morel mushrooms, and foraging for blueberries with my 5 kiddos.

Current Classes
Algebra 1 – (open)
Geometry – (open)
Pre-Algebra – (open)