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Dwight Upton To All Instructors

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I am looking forward to teaching in the coming school year under my new vendor name, Philomathica. "Philos" (love), and "manthanein" (learning), are what I hope to share through the classes that I'm offering. I learned to love learning beginning with mythology and fairy tales, which probably contributed to my interest in story in general. I am fascinated by human stories and all the ways that we create them as we explore the world around us, whether pushing back the horizons; questioning where the wind comes from or where the geese fly away to; or why people love enough to build civilizations for their children, or hate enough to destroy them. The basic questions of metaphysics are a bottomless well to me, asking fundamental questions that bolt us meaningfully to reality. The older I get, the more the lines smudge between the discreet subjects that I learned in school, and the more I see that every subject we teach in school is but a thread in a whole web of knowledge, everyone tugging at the others in interesting ways. I have at one time or another been a salesman (a really bad one), an acting teacher, a logistics technician, a mercenary weatherman, and a trade-show cargo handler. I am an Air Force veteran, and I have lived in, worked in, or traveled in Japan, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, the U.K., and throughout at least 38 of the United States. Antarctica is the most beautiful place on earth, or perhaps, just past the edge of it where the map says "here be dragons".

I am so excited to share this learning adventure with students this year!

Current Classes
Earth Science – (open)
Global Geography – (open)
Logic and Critical Thinking – (open)